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NEW Kitchen Textiles

Posted on 03 October 2020

Infused with Japanese oak charcoal, They are antibacterial & anti-odour
Made in Nara, Japan this tea towel is 100% naturally made; all natural materials with no dyes or chemicals used during production. Multi layer weave that increases water absorbency and durability. Dries quickly after use. Binchotan infused - antibacterial and anti-odour. Fabric gets softer with use
What is Binchotan?
Binchotan is a Japanese oak charcoal. Prized for its clean burning properties, it is frequently used to purify water. Binchotan features odor reducing and antibacterial attributes. By infusing ultra-fine Binchotan into its products Nawrap is able to transfer these valuable properties into its line of cloths and towels.

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