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Recipe for the best nights sleep ever!!

Posted on 19 May 2019

Recipe for the best nights sleep ever!!
Believe me.. I'm an expert in all things sleep, I've practiced & practiced and now I've got it down to an art..
#1 Don't give yourself a bedtime.
You read any book or google how to rest well at night.. they all say pick a time and go to bed and the same time each night.. but come-on..
We are all busy, extra things come up, sick kids, stayed out later than expected.
We would all agree, its hard sticking to a set time.. Instead I have worked out the amount of time I need to sleep each night and make sure I get it.
Yes some mornings I'm up by 4.30am others its 7am - it all depends on what time i'm in bed by. 
#2 Your Sheets & Bed Linen!
I Promise you.. get rid of those plastic, poly cotton sheets, you will sleep better.
If you sleep in Pure Linen.. you will agree you NEVER wake during the night with the wet, sweaty feeling. Linen fabric breathes and keeps you feeling fresh.
People talk about hotel luxury sheets.. believe me.. linen is in a league above any hotel I've every stayed in.
#3 Your Pyjamas
 Very important, there is nothing worse than tight uncomfortable P'js
You want soft, warm and loose fitting. Nothing worse than waking up during the night with fabric riding up into places it should be.. or that Nighty that ends up bunched up around you neck.
Go for comfy, loose fitting Pj's with a soft elastic waist.
#3 Keep the Tec out..
We all know this.. but how many of us really do it?
no T.V, no computers or phones in bed..
I know what you are all thinking... "My phone is my alarm"
Same.. but plug it in on the far side of the room.. out of reach and out of sight.
#4 Keep the light out.
If your room is dark you will sleep better, with a family its not always possible, but try a eye mask.. they work I promise.
#5 Get your health under control
Eat well, exercise, limit your alcohol and stop smoking.
And you'll sleep like a man... I was going to say "sleep like a baby"
but my husband sleeps better than any of my kids every did!!


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