Top Interior trends for 2018

Top Interior trends for 2018

Here’s my  top home decor trends for 2018

Last year we were filling our homes with tropical jungle prints, plants, greenery, pale timbers, shiny metals all with a relaxed scandi vibe and straight lines.
Although here in New Zealand we are normally a good 8 months behind the rest of the world, I do think we will keep seeing grey, whites and neutrals. but here are my top predictions for home decor trends to keep up with in 2018…

#1 - Colour
Dark, rich & Moody Colours.
Think earthy tones, Forest green, burnt orange, browns, rust and wine red.
Not only for bedlinen and cushions, I hope we are all going for bold colour blocks on our walls, floors and drapes.
                   Blue Stone Velvet Cushion                 
  Forest Green Velvet Cushion
Plum Linen Euro
#2-  Fabrics
Linen will always be number one in my heart.. but sadly 2018 is all about Velvet.
Cushions, couches, duvet covers.. I've even see it on walls!
#3 - Wood
I think we are going to see less of light timber, We’re stepping away from pale, bleached woods that were hugely popular thanks to the Scandi trend.
Hopefully we are going to see more rustic oak, dark mahogany. Natural, raw and unfinished timbers.
#4 - Texture & Patteren
Global inspired patterns, Travel always influences interiors trends.
By using cushions, rugs and  art work we can introduce Moroccan designs, African prints. Use Earthy shades of clay, terracotta and ochre. Mix and match the patterns, materials and textures. Also use textiles all have a natural, raw feel to them. Embrace combining different textures.
#5 - Rattan
Its not going anywhere this year... thankfully!
Headboards, chairs even art.
So much can be achieved by simply playing with the different colours and styles. Whether it be woven wicker furniture, a rattan basket or a sea grass floor rug.
Rattan Furniture 
#6 - Maximalist 
Last year we saw the minimalist scandi interiors, 2018 is all about embracing mixing patterns, textures and displaying your collections.
Bold wallpapers, exciting fabrics are a must.
And I know what you are thinking.. a bright chaos of overdone décor and big collections of eclectic knick-knacks.
But maximalist interiors can be achieved with neutral colours by layering different tones, patterns and textures. Play on different fibers like Linen, wool, sea grass and Velvet.
#7 - Plants
Thankfully one of the best from last year is staying around, real or fake it doesn't matter, hanging plants & Greenery is massive, oversized indoor trees and tropical prints. 
#8 - Mixing Era's
Collecting and curating old and vintage accessories and art to tell a story of who you are. Whether it’s your home or a professionally designed hotel, mixing old found items, books and art into the space creates a unique and personal experience.
One-of-a-kind items are easily accessible these days, from social media channels through to trade me or antique shops. I think the best way to create personally into your home is custom design and uniqueness.
 Stay away from cheap mass produced items.
Here are my top products for creating a 2018 home interior.
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