Wedding Photo shoot for White Magazine

Wedding Photo shoot for White Magazine

We loved having our white stoneware dinner + side plates featured in the photo shoot for White Magazine. 
The Photos were taken by Wild & Grace and Styled by Wild & Yellow

Ocean Whispers from De Coeur a Coeur on Vimeo.


“Inspired by powerful ocean waves, soft light and a jagged New Zealand coastline “Ocean Whispers” was born. We wanted everything to look airy, filled with soft natural hues, set against a backdrop of rocks; Te Arai – our favourite beach – provided the perfect canvas for us to create magic. It was one of those days when nature showed us some character, we had wind, showers and a golden sunset that transformed into a matte pastel dusk to end the day. Greenery, copper accents and Pantone colours of the year: rose quartz and serenity feature throughout this styled shoot. It’s a perfect colour combination for brides who prefer a soft and elegant look with a gentle touch of nature.”

via White Magazine


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White stoneware dinner Plate

White Stoneware side Plate 

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I can’t wait to finish my studies, just to earn some money and buy your tableware and linen!

Best regards, L.


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