What is GSM?

What is GSM?

I was recently asked the question what is GSM?
GSM is grams per square meter- this is simply the measurement of the weight of the fabric. ... The higher the GSM number, the denser the fabric will be. Each Flax Linen thread is measured by weight - Whereas cotton is measured by how many individual threads are woven into a square inch.

When buying linen.... do you take into consideration the weight, quality or GSM of the fabric?
Most linen sold here in NZ is manufactured in China and is only 145gsm to 160 gsm.⠀

Our linen is 190gsm to 200gsm, ⠀
I have been researching linen mills for years to ensure we found the very best linen on the market, in terms of quality, texture and hand feel.⠀

Our linen is dyed in a couple of different ways, our sheet sets are made from 190gsm Linen. The linen fibers are dyed before being woven into fabric and then stonewashed for extra softness. We use only the finest yarns which have gone through an anti-pilling process and pre-shrunk.⠀
Our Linen Duvet covers are garment dyed, meaning the fabric is woven then dyed before stonewashing. Resulting in a thicker 200gsm Linen. ⠀

Our true European bed Linen is the ultimate in European luxury and considered among the best sold in New Zealand.

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