What we put ON our bodies?

What we put ON our bodies?

We all think about the products or ingredients we eat or put into our body...But what about what we put ON our bodies? 

I was applying by Bondi Wash night balm last night, and picked up a tub of another popular brand of face cream... I was shocked! appalled!

The ingredients listed are Glycerin,paraffinum, cera microcristallina, palmitic acid, myristic acid,oleic acid....etc 

Would any of you eat a spoonful of Dimethicone??
Where as the Bondi Wash ingredients are things like apricot kernel, coconut oil, lemon mertle leaf oil, Parsley oil, Lavender oil, grapefruit peel & Basil leaf oil.

What would you rather use on your Skin?

Being completely plant based, It leaves your skin feeling amazing, smooth & clean instead of slimy and greasy.

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