Graphenstone Paints Via The Foxes Den


Graphenstone Green Paints - It improves the quality of life by creating a healthy environment for the interior of your home.
It's environmental, sustainability and made from 100% Natural Ingredients.  Recommended for anyone with Asthma.
Green Paint

22 Benefits of Graphenstone Paint


Made from 100% Natural Ingredients
No Smell – its Odourless
Reduces asthma and allergy triggers. 
Temperature regulator
High paint coverage 
Whiteness greater than 98%. 
Absorbs CO2 - One 15L pot Absorbs the same as one tree 
Natural matte finish 
Made from high quality lime and graphene fibers. 
Antibacterial / anti-mold effect. 
Insect repellent. 
Breathable, reduce condensation. 
High strength and durability. 
Excellent flexibility. doesn't crack
High adhesion. 
Fire resistant
Helps purify the air
Free of VOC* ( toxic compounds) and formaldehyde emissions. 
Cradle to Cradle Certified* ( A product Standard, helping to make products safer and more sustainable for our planet
Reduces Sound Transmission
Safe for the environment.
Large Colour Range - We can match any colours
All Natural Tints
To request colour Samples please email