Measuring process for curtains.


If you have an existing track already up..

Width - A
Measure the width of your existing track.

Drop - B
Measure from the top of the curtain track to where you want the drop (length) of the curtain to finish.



No Track 

Width - C 
Measure the window frame from edge to edge and allow enough space at each side for the curtains to clear the window, we recommend 20cm each side.

Drop - D
Measure from the top edge of the window frame to the lower edge of the window frame.

You will then need to decide which drop you want, Most customers like the curtains to reach the floor or slightly pool ( sit on the floor)

We recommend installing your track at least 10cm - 15cm above your window, space permitting.

To create the illusion of height in the room fix your new track at celing hight or 3-4 cm below.