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Why Atlas Linen....?

There is so many different brands of linen available now in NZ - And all with huge price differences..... How do you know if its the Real Deal?

 Did you know in Europe there's a label or standard if you like for Flax Linen - its Called the Sanelin Guarantee.

The Sanelin label guarantee

-Natural fibre of European origin, 

-Respect of the environment throughout the weaving process, as well as of the labour standards

And most importantly The Sanelin guarantee ensures the flax linen is ethnically produced under proper working conditions unlike so many Chinese made linens available in NZ at the moment. 

We are proud to Say the Atlas Linen has this Seal of approval! - Atlas Linen is pure French Linen grown and milled in France, No other linen sold in NZ has this rating (that we know of) as most come out of China.


What could be better.....getting a high quality product that's produced ethnically.

Mrs Fox