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Calathea Bicajoux Indoor House Plant

Calathea Bicajoux Indoor House Plant

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Calathea Bicajoux is an incredibly rare indoor plant. Its dual ornamental value, with particularly eye-catching and large oval leaves which are brightly patterned in light green shades, as well as its spectacular pale pink flowers, is only possible because of modern propagation methods.

Calathea need a sheltered warm location with filtered light. Avoid direct sunlight. Water to keep the potting mix evenly moist and avoid standing in water. Fertilise occasionally and repot when necessary using a good quality peat based potting mix

comes in a 12cm plastic pot

Please note our stock moves all the time, photos are only representative of the plant you will receive. The plant you get will be same size or bigger, but wont be the one in the photo, it could be one of my sisters in the photo so my style may vary.. but I'll still be really beautiful.

Please note: We only ship on Monday to Wedensday, We wont send your plants out on a Thursday or Friday at the risk of non delivery and it sitting in the courier depot over the weekend.


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