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Lumbar Cushion Feather Inner | 50cm x 90cm

Lumbar Cushion Feather Inner | 50cm x 90cm

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Introducing our feather-filled cushion inner, designed for ultimate comfort and support. Whether you're lounging on the sofa or adding extra coziness to your bed, this cushion inner promises a plush experience like no other.

For those seeking lumbar support, our Lumbar Cushion Inner is the perfect choice. Its ergonomic design provides targeted support to help alleviate back discomfort and promote better posture.

Both options are expertly crafted to enhance your relaxation experience and elevate your home decor. Choose the perfect cushion inner to suit your needs and enjoy the luxury of unparalleled comfort.

Composition 20% DOWN / 80% DUCK FEATHER
Dimensions 50cm x 90cm 
50cm x 80cm - poly filled cushion Inner

Lumbar Cushion Inner

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