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Loved By The Same Sun - Original Art

Loved By The Same Sun - Original Art

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Loved By The Same Sun is part of a series of landscape artworks that explore and engage in an aesthetic appreciation of evanescence. Each artwork is a celebration of a moment, and the brevity of which a thought or living thing can be captured at any one time. Each artwork aims to explore the rhythmic essence of nature and its imperfections.

By Chanel Sohier


83cm x 83cm

This artwork is painted with oil paint on triple primed canvas and is framed in Tasmanian oak.

As the name suggests its Orginal - meaning the only one of its kind. They are not digital reproductions, each work is unique.

No returns or refunds on Orginal Artwork, This original artwork will be framed after ordering, so will ship within 10 business days for delivery in Australia or up to 2-3 weeks for international destinations.

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