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Pure Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set.

This cotton is considered the best in Luxury cotton sheeting, we are talking the worlds finest hotel quality. 

It comes from Egyptian cotton, grown in the Nile Valley. Also called the extra-long staple or ELS cotton, the fibers are approximately 34mm long and associated with the worlds highest-quality cotton.

Smooth 500 thread count certified Egyptian Cotton. grown on the Nile Delta, This luxury cotton is woven in Egypt and sewn in new Zealand.

Guaranteed non-pilling. Proven product after 20 years in the market

The cotton bolls are handpicked from the plant. This causes less stress to the plant and the fibers. There is no wear and tear; leaving the fibers intact and straight.

These fibers are spun into fine yarn with lesser splices. These splices are loose and frayed ends that pill after a few washes. The yarn is stronger due to the long fibers that ensure a finer fabric with a consistent finish.

Woven in one of the oldest renowned fabric mills in Egypt, This Premium cotton fabric is then sent out to New Zealand to be handcrafted into the finished product.

Ensuring you receive the very best in Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bedding.

This Premium Egyptian cotton is one of the highest quality cotton bedding sets available in Australasia. Famous for its silky lustre, softness and long lasting quality.  

  • Smooth 500 thread count.
  • Cotton grown in the Nile Delta.
  • Cloth woven in Egypt.
  • Sheets sewn right here in New Zealand
  • Certified genuine Egyptian cotton. 


Single | Flat Sheet: 180cm x 260cm, Fitted: 91cm x 193cm x 45cm + 1x Pillowcase

King Single | Flat: 200cm x 260cm, Fitted:107cm x 203cm x 45cm  + 2x Pillowcases

Double | Flat: 200cm x 260cm, Fitted: 137cm x 193cm x 50cm + 2x Pillowcases

Queen | FLat: 245cm x 260cm, Fitted 152cm x 203cm x 50cm + 2x Pillowcases

King | Flat: 270cm x 270cm, Fitted: 167cm x 203cm x 50cm + 2x Pillowcases

Super King | Flat: 290cm x 270cm, Fitted: 180cm x 203cm x 50cm + 2x Pillowcases

Cali King | Flat: 310cm x 278cm, Fitted: 203cm x 203cm x 50cm + 2x Pillowcases

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